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Commercial Excavation Explained 

Preparing a site for construction entails a lot more than meets the eye; from engineers to geologists, a vast array of professionals typically cooperate to ensure the land is cleared and properly primed before erecting a building. 

Excavators play an important role in this process as they are responsible for transforming the soil into solid terrain, capable of withstanding great quantities of weight. Read on to learn more about the commercial excavation process!  

Preparing The Grounds

Removing rocks, trees, and previous structures is paramount to ensure safe construction grounds. Occasionally, excavators are asked to preserve determined plant species or natural elements; keeping the local flora and fauna safe and healthy is a big part of their job!

Setting Up Construction 

The main goal of excavation projects is preparing the land to support the structures projected to be built on it. To achieve a safe base that is ready for construction, excavators often have to move and add materials to the soil to ensure they become firm and solid when compacted. 

Additionally, professional excavation is indispensable for proper drainage outlets. 


Trenching is the word used to describe an excavation project that has greater depth than width. These structures are necessary for the installation of sewage and water pipes. However, trenches come with special security measures and require the supervision of a professional engineer if they surpass 20 feet of depth! 

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